Traveling in Taiwan: The Golden Waterfall and Yin Yang Sea

Hey y'all! Today, I am looking forward to sharing more about our time in Taiwan! As you know from my previous posts (Taipei 101 and Taiwan National Parks), we spent two weeks in this beautiful island country and we experienced so much! I fell in love with the culture and the gorgeous landscapes. The latter of which will be the focus of today's post. It's all about our trip to the Ruifang district, where we were able to see the Golden Waterfall and the Yin Yang Sea!

The Golden Waterfall and Yin Yang Sea

The Ruifang District is located outside of Taipei, along the northeastern coast of Taiwan. It's easiest to see this area by car, so we had a guided tour that stopped here, as well as a few other locations that I will talk about in future posts. It was around 30 minutes from Taipei to our first stop at Jinguashi, a town that was known for gold and copper mining. Towards the end of World War II, this area was also used by the Japanese as a POW camp. Today, the crumbling mining facilities and the tracks that were used to transport gold down the mountain, are all that remains. However, the highlight of this stop was the Golden Waterfall. It gets its name from the yellow tint in the water and the rocks that have turned a copper color from years of exposure to heavy metals. While it's not a massive waterfall, by any means, it is a popular spot to see in Taiwan, due to its uniqueness. 

The mining area is interesting to navigate and being on the side of a mountain makes it even a little challenging. There are tunnels, tracks, and winding paths if you are aiming to get a little adventurous. It also makes for some pretty spectacular views.

Remnants of the Mining Village

The Golden Waterfall

Further down the road, in the same village, we made our next stop. It was a gorgeous observation area, where we could look down at the Yin Yang Sea. Like the Golden Waterfall, the water pouring into the ocean has a yellow tint to it. The heavy metals in the water don't allow it to mix well with the blue ocean and this results in the "Yin Yang" appearance that you see from above. It's recommended that you don't touch the water due to this contamination, but it is worth the stop, just to see this unique phenomenon. 

The Yin Yang Sea

The color changes in the water, were once thought to be due to the mining that took place in Jinguashi. However, there hasn't been any mining done, in this area, in decades and yet the water remains the same yellow tint. This has led people to believe that the color actually comes from pyrite or "Fool's Gold", which this area is rich in. No matter how the color came to be, it is certainly an amazing sight to behold and one that you shouldn't miss, if you are making a trip to Taiwan!

Taiwan Travel

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about this stop on our trip! Are you interested in visiting Taiwan? Or have you already been? I would love to know! I look forward to sharing so much more with you. Follow me on Facebook to keep up with my most recent posts, so you don't miss out!

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