Pocket Planner Setup - May 2018

Hey planner people! It has been awhile since I shared an update on my planning setup and y'all know it has changed up since my post, in February, right? Of course! Actually, I have been using a Pocket Filofax since late in March. I told myself that if I could stick it out with a pocket, till our trip to the U.K. (and France!) in June, that I could buy more pocket-sized planners on our trip. The thought of seeing all of the shelves full of Filofaxes still makes me happy! I can't wait! As of now, I have been in this setup for two months and it has worked fabulously.

Pocket Planner Setup

Awhile back, I posted about the pros and cons of Personal and Pocket size. That was when I was really trying to decide which I liked more. It's hard to give up the paper real estate of a Personal size planner, but portability and functionality won out and I picked the Pocket!

My basic setup is the same, but just constricted to the smaller size. I still have a dashboard, that is a combination of scrapbook paper, an Instax photo, and a cute clip. I'm currently in a Pocket Malden, so I am using the pockets to hold my ID and miscellaneous cards. The open back is used to hold cash, coupons, receipts, and other items that may be to big to store in the planner itself.

I have an "inbox", which I have talked about before. It's basically just a spot in my planner that holds sticky notes, appointment cards, and other loose items that I don't have time to jot down in my actual calendar. I try to check this at least biweekly, to make sure that everything is transferred to the appropriate section. 

I'm using Avery brand, colored tabs, with various scrapbook paper, for my dividers. In the past, I have gone all out with laminated, card stock dividers, but using a smaller planner, I decided I needed to conserve space. So far, this has been working out great. Plus, if one gets damage, all I have to do is stick another tab on! My current sections include: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Notes, and a top tab for Meal Planning.

At the moment, 90% of my inserts are from Peanuts Planner Co. I just love the functionality and the amount of things she is able to fit on each insert. For my monthly, I am using her Monthly Overview Fold Out, with Tracker. My current weekly layout, is the Vertical Grid WO4P. My daily is always changing up, but for now it is one of her freebie inserts that she offers the members of her Facebook group. 

In my notes section, I have cut some list pad pages down to fit my planner. My favorite sheets say "Today" and "Tomorrow" on them. These are so useful for jotting down quick todo lists or ideas.

I really have been enjoying this setup and the pocket size, in general. It's small and convenient and even though it has less space than what I am used to, it has really helped me to become more functional with my planning. I still incorporate my own unique style, with clips, sticker, and my "Today" page marker (see pic below), but overall I am using it more frequently and for it's intended purpose, which is to help organize my life! Also, I am digging how chunky it is getting. Who doesn't love a chunky planner?!

Until next time!

Much Love,

Pocket Planner Setup