A Day Out in Nashville: Tacos, Tequila, and Donuts!

Hey y'all! Now that April has arrived, we have had a few warm days here in Nashville, Tennessee. That has allowed us to get out and do some more exploring. We are all about trying new restaurants and activities around our home city, as you know from my previous posts, and it is so much easier and more enjoyable when the weather is nice!

Today it's all about trendy East Nashville!

A Day Out in Nashville: Tacos, Tequila, and Donuts!

Rosepepper Cantina

They are famous for their Margaritas (the best in Nashville, IMHO), but they are also well known for the quirky quotes, that they display on the marquee next to the entrance. If you check them out on Instagram, you can see a few for yourself! We went the Saturday before Easter, when they had the "millennial" retelling of the resurrection.

The Rosepepper

This wasn't our first time there, by any means. It was just the first time I truly documented the experience. Pretty much every time we go, I get a pitcher of margaritas for the table, because I'm economical like that. It is always a good time and the food is always delicious. They bring out three different types of salsa with the chips. Two of which are on the mild side, and one is spicy (at least it is to me). This time I was wearing my Rospepper shirt, that Justin previously bought for me. It says "I wish I was full of tacos, instead of emotions." So, obviously I had to order Tacos! Specifically, I got the shredded chicken, Los Originales, and they were yummy!

Five Daughters Bakery

Once you have filled up on tacos and tequila, there is really only one thing left to do...eat donuts, of course! Right down the street from The Rosepepper, is a bright and happy place, known as Five Daughters Bakery. They have so many different options and we have to go back on a day that we are less stuffed, so we can try more. On this particular visit, we split a Triple Strawberry donut, with strawberry buttercream infusion. Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds! Their coffee isn't half bad, either. It was a great complement to the sweetness of the donut, and also helpful for clearing up the tequila-induced buzz.

The next time you are in Nashville (or if you are a local), you definitely need to check out these spots. One at a time or do like us and make a day of it! They are in walking distance of each other, so it's the perfect setup for dinner, drinks, and dessert! If you have already been or if you go after reading this post, let me know what you ordered and how it was.

Until next time!

Much Love,

A Day Out in Nashville