Personal vs. Pocket Planning

Hey planner babes!

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you may have noticed that I am back in my pocket Filofax Malden. I have had a severe case of planner FOMO, seeing all of the beautiful, tiny, pocket planners on Instagram and I have been wanting to give it another chance. I know it's not for everyone, and honestly I have been so addicted to my personal size planners, that I didn't think I could make it work for me. Only time will tell! Today, I decided to work on a pros and cons list (because planner girls love lists, obviously). If you are on the fence between pocket and personal, then keep reading, and hopefully I can help you make a decision. 

Pocket vs. personal planning

Personal Pros and Cons


  • More space for writing 
  • Larger rings that hold more inserts
  • A lot of room for stickers and decorating
  • A wide range of inserts available


  • The more stuffed it is, the heavier it is
  • Takes up a lot of room in purses/bags and forget about using a small purse
  • Awkward to use as a wallet, due to the size
  • The "need" to fill all of the extra space, mostly with non-functional items

Pocket Size Pros and Cons


  • Small and lightweight, so it takes up very little space
  • Functional and minimalistic planning
  • Easy to use as a wallet
  • Even if it's stuffed, it still feels light


  • Not as many inserts available (thankfully there is Peanuts Planner Co!)
  • Not a lot of room for writing
  • Minimal decorating
  • Ring size is smaller, so less room for inserts

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you are looking for in a planner and what your specific needs are. What I consider a con, you may not. This list is based on my own personal opinion. However, I know there are many planner girls, like me, that really love the size of the pocket, yet struggle with having less room. Right now, I am trying out a pocket size again, and so far I am loving it. The portability is amazing and I like the fact that I have to be more functional in my planning. I do miss my stickers though and I will be trying to incorporate them more.

What size planner are you currently using? Pocket, Personal, or maybe even larger? Let me know!

Until next time!

Much Love,

Pocket vs Personal Planning