The Anatomy of a Cute Kitchen Coffee Bar

I love coffee. I love all hot drinks, actually. Tea is great. Cocoa and cider are awesome in the winter time. However, coffee is king. A few years ago there was a huge trend on Pinterest: the coffee bar.  What's not to love about this? You are taking something you love and use everyday and turning it into a home decor, statement piece. Of course, I jumped on board and created my own coffee bar. 

As the years went by, mine started to look less cute and more cluttered. I changed the decor in my kitchen, moved to a new house, and bought a new Keurig, but overall the coffee bar did not change. Until last week! Using mostly pieces that I already had, as well as a few small items I picked up at Marshall's, I made my coffee bar look brand new!

Coffee Bar

The Coffee Maker

Obviously, a coffee bar is centered around your favorite coffee maker! Whether you like the quick,   convenience of a Keurig or you enjoy the gourmet process of the French Press, your coffee maker is what makes or breaks your coffee bar. Choose something colorful and unique!   

Mugs & Canisters

I have so many coffee mugs! I will never be able to fit them all in my cabinet or drink out of them, so I use them as decor for my coffee bar. My favorites are the ones with cute and snarky sayings! If you have a lot of mugs, possibly even some that you don't really use, then you should display them on a rack at your coffee bar. Cute Canisters and containers are another must. Try picking different sizes and heights to layer around your coffee maker. I love my Rae Dunn canisters (pictured below)! They can be difficult to find (try your local T.J. Maxx or Marshall's), but they are adorable.

Rae Dunn Canisters

Cute Decor

Mugs and canisters can be considered decor, but they can also be functional. Some non-functional decor items will really do a lot to spice up an otherwise boring space. Signs to display, a shelf or hanger for your coffee mugs, placemats, decorative towels, and small dishes are just a few examples. You can tie your decor into your existing kitchen theme or you can base it all around the coffee.

Coffee Bar decor


You have to have it, in order to drink it. Why not display it? There are several different racks made to display K-cups or you can store them in a tall clear vase. The same goes for coffee beans. They would look great displayed in a clear canister, on your coffee bar. If you are storing grounds, make sure its in an airtight container, in order to preserve freshness. If you are more of a tea drinker, you can add a few small dishes with your different tea selections on display.

K-Cups and Tea

Hopefully, this has helped you to style your own coffee bar. I have also created a short infographic, that you can use while you are shopping! I will leave it down at the bottom of this post.

Until next time!

Much Love,

The Anatomy of A Cute Kitchen Coffee Bar