Sightseeing in Amsterdam

I am a little sad to say, that today I am concluding my Europe Honeymoon series. It has been so fun to write about our adventures in Europe and it has made me so very nostalgic. I want to go back! Hopefully, one day that will be a possibility. For now, I will leave you with our last stop on this amazing honeymoon trip: The Netherlands!

Sightseeing in Amsterdam

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we had already been traveling for over a week and even though we had mostly recovered from jet lag, we were exhausted from the constant moving. That didn't make us any less excited for this part of the trip, though. Justin's mom and his Oma and Opa are from Holland, so it was especially meaningful for him to be able to go there.  Our first day there we took a train to Hilversum, the small town where Justin's Oma and Opa lived, and where his mom was born. 

Not only were we able to see the town, but we found the very same house that they lived in. It was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us from asking an older, local man to take our picture. He spoke very few words in English and Justin spoke very few words in Dutch, but somehow we managed to get a good photo taken!

Hilversum, The Netherlands

The next couple of days, back in Amsterdam, we took our time walking around the city and exploring on our own. Justin had already introduced me to Vructenhagel at home, so I knew I had to have some while were there. We discovered sweet little shops, where the local owners were friendly and didn't mind talking to us. We mostly got around on foot, but a few times we took a boat ride from one part of the city to another.

Things I enjoyed most in Holland:

  • Delicious pastries and tea
  • The locals were incredibly friendly
  • Paper stores!!
  • Tulips everywhere

Holland was an amazing end to an over all, amazing trip! I am so glad that we had the opportunity to see and do so much, in such a short amount of time. We do plan to go back to Europe (especially Holland) in the future. Until then, I will daydream of buttery, soft pastries and gorgeous scenery.

Amsterdam Airport

Until next time, my friends!

Much Love,