February 2018 Planner Setup

Hey y'all! I'm back today with more planner goodness! As you know, I like to swap out my personal Filofaxes often (usually for every month or holiday season). I tend to keep the same general layout, most of the time, but I will update my dividers and dashboard. I realize that not everyone cares to do this, but for me, changing things up a bit helps me to stay consistent with my planning.  Some girls change purses on a daily basis, I like to change planners at least once a month. 

Planner Setup February 2018

This month, I knew that I wanted my planner spreads to be full of red, pink, and hearts galore, so I decided to go with my pink Filofax Malden. I love the design of the Malden. The leather is soft and it's full of card slots and pockets! I use my personal planner as a wallet too, so the card slots make it the perfect option.

My dividers are feeling the love this month. I used some paper from a pack I got at Michael's, last year. They are pink with hearts, speech bubbles, and cute quotes. Recently, I have been using top tabs more often. I like the fact that they don't interfere with the pen loop, and I tend to stuff a lot of random things in my planner through the day, so side tabs used to always get bent up easily. This month, I'm using five sections: Calendar, Health, Projects, Lists, and Notes.

You may have seen me mention Jon Acuff's book, Finish, before. It's an awesome book, that gives you actionable steps, to make your goals a reality. I was able to preorder it so I got some of the extra gifts that came with it. One of those extras was a card that says "Today I will Finish" (see picture below). I hole-punched it and put it near the front of my planner, so that everyday I can see my goal, front and center!

Today I will Finish

Another method I am using to work towards my goals is the "Getting Things Done" technique. I loosely follow the book, by David Allen, and got my inspiration from Brandy Michelle Plans on YouTube. I have linked to her before, but I'm doing it again, because her videos are awesome! I use the inbox at the front of my planner to collect things through the week and then every weekend I have a list of tasks that I need to go over as part of my weekly review. I keep a bookmark, with that information, easily accessible.

Weekly Review

So that's my basic setup for February, in my personal Filofax. I am still using the SewMuchCrafting week on two pages (with habit tracker) inserts and they are working out great for me so far. I'm going to leave you with one final picture of my last weekly spread. I can't get enough of the heart washi!

Planner Spread

Until next time!

Much Love,