History and Culture in Germany

Hey y'all! I'm back today with another post in my Europe traveling series. As I told you previously, my husband and I spent a little less than two weeks in Europe for our honeymoon. We wanted to take in as many countries as we could, in a short amount of time. The third stop on our trip was Munich, Germany. Today, I'm going to give a brief overview of our time spent there.

History and Culture Germany

Food and Drink

I titled this post "History and Culture in Germany," but in all honesty it could have been "History and Delicious, Savory, Mouthwatering Food in Germany". I know I have gone on and on about the food in Europe, but each place we stopped on this trip, had it's own unique food and beverage selection. Munich, Germany was no exception to this.  We visited a few Beirhalles (aka: beer hall or garden) while we were there. Hofbraeuhaus and Paulaner were a couple of our favorites. Before this trip, there were very few beers that I would even tolerate. I've always been a wine and cocktail kind of girl. Munich changed that! Now, I love a good German, wheat beer. I also became a huge fan of Dunkel Radlers while I was there. Radlers are beer mixed with a fruit juice, such as lemonade. Delicious!

Believe it or not there was more than beer at the beer halls. The food was absolutely delicious. Munich is definitely a meat and potatoes kind of place. All of the dishes were hearty and filling. I guess they need it to soak up all of the beer! It was in Germany, that I first tried duck and loved it. I also enjoyed their pretzels and sweet, fruit filled, desserts.

The White Rose

One of the most interesting and awesome things we learned about in Munich, was The White Rose. This was a group of students, at the University of Munich, that started a resistance against the Nazi regime. The bravery and determination in this group of young people was truly inspiring. In an attempt to expose Hitler and other Nazi leaders, the students created and distributed pamphlets that told the public about the atrocities that were being committed.  Most of the members ended up being arrested and later executed for their attempts to take down the Nazi regime. The most notable, were Sophie and Hans Scholl, who brought suitcases full of pamphlets into the University of Munich and dumped them from the top of the stairs. That is when they were caught and taken into custody. During his trial, Hans Scholl had this to say: "I knew what I took upon myself and I was prepared to lose my life by so doing."


Dachau was a concentration camp in Munich. You may ask, why would you visit a concentration camp on your honeymoon? My response would be: Why not? Yes, it was somber and eye-opening. It was also something Justin and I both wanted to see. Of course, we learned about concentration camps in school, just like everyone does. We both knew the history going in, but nothing can prepare you for the feelings you experience, standing on that property and being inside of those buildings. I will not share all of the photographs that we took there. We really didn't take many, because it felt almost disrespectful to do so, but I do think that it's important to learn from our history. Germany could have destroyed what was left of these places, but instead they have allowed them to be educational. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Germany, you should take a trip to one of these camps. Pay your respects to the innocent men and women that suffered and died. Count your blessings and hope and pray that what occurred in that place never happens again. 

So, that sums up how we spent a few days in Munich, Germany. It was definitely the biggest learning experience out of all of our stops on this Europe trip. We are so thankful for the time we had there and hope to one day go back.

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