The Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter Review

Hey, planner girls! I'm really excited to share this post with you today! It's all about The Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter! The reason I'm so excited is because it took me FOREVER to get my hands on this baby. I went to several stores in my area looking for it and ended up ordering it on Joanns website, to be picked up at a store that was a little further away. They only had two in stock! I know this particular line of Happy Planners and accessories has been hard to come by in the past couple of months, but from what I have seen online, they are now making an appearance at some Hobby Lobby stores.

The Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter

The main reason I wanted this particular Happy Planner, is because it's the first one to be monthly only. My main, everyday carry planner is a personal size Filofax. In it, I use monthly, weekly, and daily pages. I needed a monthly only layout specifically for my blog and editorial calendar and this Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter is perfect!

Currently February

Every month starts the same as previous Happy Planners, with the "currently" page. This is where I got my inspiration for my currently blog posts. The "currently" page leads directly into the monthly layout, which is similar to other Happy Planners, as well.

Monthly Spread

It's what comes after the monthly spread, that made me want to purchase this planner for my blog. It has checklists, goals, space to brain dump, things to focus on, habit trackers, etc. This is the perfect way to layout my blogging todo list for each month and to write down ideas for future posts.

Monthly Goals

The following few pages consist of 31 daily todo lists. It's obviously set up to have a todo list for every day of the month, but you can use this really however you want. I don't plan on breaking it up into days. I just need to keep a running todo list for the month, that I can check off and add to, as days go by.

Daily Todos

Finally, at the end of each month there are a couple of lined note pages, for extra writing space. I have already been using these to jump start my blog posts. Each month has the same basic layout and in true Happy Planner style, they are accompanied by a super cute divider.

Notes pages
Planner Divider

At the very end of the planner there is a Notes section that includes several "Get it Done" pages, that have check off boxes for making even more lists! There is no shortage of writing and listing space in this planner, which makes it perfect for my needs.

The last thing I want to note, and possibly the most exciting, are the new discs! I'm going to be completely honest. I haven't been a fan of disc planning, in the past. I have tried using Happy Planners before and it never worked out because I hated how the pages would get caught on the plastic discs. These aluminum discs have solved that problem! This lets me know that the creators are listening to our concerns and making improvements. I love that! Also, the discs are not a boring silver aluminum. They are a beautiful pink! Each of the new The Happy Planner Girl planners comes with different color set of aluminum discs, so if the monthly layout isn't for you, then you should still check out those other options.

The Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter

I look forward to seeing how the creative, planning community uses this new layout from The Happy Planner Girl line. I will be looking out for your spreads on Instagram for sure! You can check out my spreads, on my Instagram here.

What do you think of this new line of planners from The Happy Planner? Let me know!

Until next time!

Much Love,