Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Hey there! I hope the first month of 2018 has been treating you well. I know it seems crazy, how quickly it's going by. I feel like I was just planning for Christmas and now here we are, talking about Valentine's Day! Has it snuck up on you, also? If so, today I am giving you a quick list of Amazon Prime eligible gifts. Most of these could be for either a guy or gal, so if you still need to pick up something for your special someone, look no further!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I love bath bombs! I haven't met many girls that don't. They smell great, moisturize your skin, and offer some much needed relaxation time. 

These little Knock Knock books are great for Valentine's Day! My husband and I have given these to each other, in the past, and we both loved them. They are fun to fill out and the sentiment means a lot to your significant other.

If you are looking to go a little more low key, a funny card should do the trick! You can pair it with another gift on this list, or maybe use it to give your special someone tickets to an event or concert they have been wanting to go to.

I was lucky enough to get this item, complimentary, from Oh, Susannah! My husband actually bought me an adorable pillowcase set from them on our last anniversary and I loved them so much, that I jumped at the chance to include an item from them in this gift guide! If you want to see my pillowcases and pillow cover in action, check out my Instagram!

I know not everyone is a Star Wars fan, but my husband definitely is, and I know a lot of men and women that are. Honestly, I was never really into it until we started dating. He had me rewatching all of the original films. I'm a "Rom Com" girl for the most part, so not surprisingly, my favorite storyline from the originals is the love story between Han and Leia. This mug set would be a cute gift for gals or guys, and it features one of my favorite quotes from the movies!

This is another gift that Justin has gotten me. We have not always been consistent about filling it out, but it is a cool way to start a conversation and even if you have been together for 20+ years, you may still be surprised by some of your significant other's answers. 

So, by now you are probably realizing that I love "his and her" sets. This one is no exception. I love that one is a beer glass and one is a wine glass! This is another gift that would work well for either gender. One for yourself, and one for your significant other!

So there are a few last minute gifts you can snag off of Amazon prime today! Let me know if you end up picking any of these for your Valentine and if you are looking for more ideas, check out one of my previous gift guides, below!

Until next time!

Much Love,