The Daily Dime - January 2018

Today, I'm trying something new! This is my first "day in the life" post and it's also my first link up. Kristen, from Taz and Belly, is the mastermind behind this link up party. This is how it works: I take ten photos throughout my day and then I put together a little blog post, telling you all about it.

Daily Dime

So, here is what I was up to on Saturday, January 13th:

Prayer Journal

We woke up to frigid temperatures and snow on the ground, which isn't exactly the norm for Tennessee, but since it was a Saturday, I was okay to enjoy a lazy snow day. I started with my daily devotional time and a steaming cup of coffee. It's the absolute best way to start any day.

Just Dance 2018

We usually hit the gym on Saturday mornings, but due to the temperature and the road conditions, we decided to stay in. I wanted to get in some activity and my favorite home workout is playing Just Dance. So, that's what I did! It had been awhile since I had last played, so I was a little rusty. I started out playing the 2016 version, but Justin decided to join me and he downloaded the new, 2018 game. I was super excited to see an Ed Sheeran song! 

Snow Day

Honestly, I would have been okay with staying in the comfort of my warm house, but Justin was ready to get outside with the dogs, so I joined them for a few minutes. Unlike me, they absolutely love the snow. Even I will admit that it was fun and I was able to get some cute pictures out of it, so it was worth braving the cold for a little while. 

Here are a few more adorable snow day, doggie pictures:

Snow Day Dog
Snow Day Puppies
Snow Day Malshi

After we came back in and thawed out, I decided I needed to work on something productive. I could have very easily embraced my inner lazy girl and binged on Netflix, but I would have regretted not getting anything done. Saturdays are when I usually do my meal planning and I order my Kroger ClickList, so I knew at the very least, I needed to accomplish that.

Meal Planning

Meal planning form me, means scouring Pinterest and my personal recipe stash, to try and find some new or different meals for the week. We have been trying to eat healthier and count calories so I have also been meal prepping for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It can be a time-consuming process, but it's worth it.

January Ipsy Bag

Despite the awful road conditions, the mail was delivered (hooray, USPS!) and I was happy to receive my January Ipsy bag. This month's bag was a super cute, sporty theme. I will probably end up using this in my gym bag.

Blaq mask

Speaking of Ipsy, I received a charcoal mask sample in one of my previous bags. I hadn't had a chance to try it out yet, but a snow day gave me the perfect opportunity! It's by a company called Blaq, and I was a little scared to try it out. I have seen too many of those videos of women practically crying, while they try to peel one of these suckers off. It wasn't as terrible as they make it seem, but you also won't ever see me posting a video of myself removing it either! 


Here's to a wild and crazy, Saturday night in, sipping on wine and reading a book! You know it has been a good day, if this is how it ends. 

How do you spend your snow days? Obviously, this is from a southern perspective. I know we treat snow like a natural disaster. ;-)

Until next time!

Much Love,