January 2018 Planner Lineup

Hey, planner babes!

Today, I am finally ready to show you my January 2018 planner setup. It took me some time to get the kinks worked out, which is why I haven't shown you much of my planners, until now. At the moment, I have decided on three planners: one for my blog and editorial calendar, one for home management, and one for my personal on-the-go planner. Now, let's dive into the setup!

January 2018 Planner Lineup

Blog Planner

If you haven't read my review of The Happy Planner Girl, Trendsetter, then go check it out here!

I'm not going into details about the planner itself, because I already did that in my review post, but this is the planner I have chosen to keep up with my content schedule, blog-related goals, and social media tracking. The monthly layout is perfect for this. I also love all of the extra todo list and note pages tucked in. I won't need to open this planner daily, but it will hopefully help me to streamline the times I am focusing on the blog.

Home Planner

I have chosen to use the 2018 Seasonal Happy Planner in classic size, for my home-based planner. I will be using it for a detailed schedule of my days at home. It will include home projects, personal goals, cleaning schedules, workouts, pet care, reading lists, budget, etc. Basically, this is going to be my big planner that tells my life story. I love the Happy Planner disc system for this, because I can easily add and remove things as needed and I can include pocket folders for loose papers as well. I'm still developing all of the ways I will be using this planner, so I'm sure I will have an update on the inserts and setup for this one in the future. 

Personal Everyday Carry Planner

This is the planner that I have always had. I can't live without my personal size Filofax, tucked safely into my purse. It's not large enough to hold everything that my home planner does, but it serves a necessary function. It's super portable! That's why I use it for scheduling appointments, keeping up with errands outside of the home, jotting quick lists or notes, and it also serves as my wallet.

At the front of this planner, I keep a "follow up" tab with a pocket folder and post-it notes. It's a trick I learned from Brandy Michelle Plans on YouTube. If you haven't seen her videos, you can check them out here. She uses the Getting Things Done method (from the book, by David Allen), which incorporates an "inbox" that you are supposed to use to catch all of your information throughout the week, so that you can choose one specific day and time to sort through it. When I do my weekly planning, I am able to take those things and file them where they need to go, whether that means writing an appointment on the calendar or storing information in my home planner. It's a super efficient way to make sure nothing gets missed.

So, those are the three main planners I will be using this year (or at least for now). What planners are you using in 2018? Let me know!

Until next time!

Much Love,