Five of my Favorite things in Fall

The time of the year I love most is quickly approaching. In rural Tennessee, there are many signs that the season is about to change. The leaves have started to fall and change colors, there is a crisp, coolness to the air every morning, everyone is sporting their favorite football team's jersey, and the sweet smell of burning tobacco is filling the countryside.

It's almost Fall, y'all!

Fall in Tennessee

My Must Have Fall Products

When this time of year rolls around, there are some things that I just can't live without. 

1. Ochre Malden Filofax

Five of my Favorite things in Fall

The touch, the smell, and the beautiful color of the leather all scream Fall to me. I will be switching back to it soon, because to me it isn't really Fall yet if I'm not carrying around my Malden. 

2. Boots

Five of my Favorite Things in Fall

A cute pair of lace up boots are essential to every fall wardrobe. They go great with jeans, dresses, and leggings. They are also easy to style for almost any occasion. I'm never a fan of sacrificing comfort for style so I tend to go with shorter heels, but to each their own.

3. Leggings


Obviously if it's boots season, then it is also leggings season. That's right ladies! You can put away your shorts and skirts for something a little more comfortable. Whether you are lounging at home or headed for a night out, leggings are a Fall must. You also must have them in multiple colors options, of course!


Five of my Favorite things in Fall

Okay, so this is probably a no-brainer, but pumpkins are like Fall's mascot. Everything from home decor to your morning coffee can be "spiced" with a little pumpkin. The photo above is from my fireplace. I also have smaller pumpkin decorations scattered around the rest of my house. A pumpkin-shaped wax warmer is currently melting a pumpkin-scented block of wax in my living room and let's not forget the most basic of them all: The Pumpkin Spice Latte. You know you want one.

5. Hot Tea

Five of my Favorite things in Fall

Given the option I am almost always a coffee drinker. However, there is just something about having a hot cup of tea in the fall, especially a Chai tea. When the temperature outside starts to drop along with the leaves, I switch my afternoon iced coffees for a piping hot, Chai Tea.

So that's my list. These are the things I start reaching for every Fall. What are some of your must have fall items? Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,