A Day Out in Nashville: The Way Late Play Date

Way Late Play Date

Hey y'all! I'm back again to tell you about my most recent Nashville adventure. Last week, my husband and I had tickets to the Way Late Play Date at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile. It's a really awesome fundraiser that the Adventure Science center puts on four times a year. They open up after hours, but only for adults that are 21 and older. It's $35 for each ticket and that includes full access to the exhibits, three drink tickets, a planetarium show, and some pretty cool activities.

Each Way Late Play Date has a theme and the one that we attended, on Thursday night, was all about Pixar! I love me some Pixar movies, so that by itself was exciting!

Way Late Play Date

We started out our evening by having dinner at one of the food trucks they had conveniently parked right outside the Adventure Science Center. Once we got inside, we checked in and received our cups and drink tickets. Each ticket can be used for either beer, wine, or soda and there are stations set up throughout the event that offer these refreshments. 

After using our first drink ticket, we went exploring. We held a sea urchin and touched a starfish. We stopped in for a planetarium show, where some of our favorite characters from the movie "Up" talked about the constellations. We played a lymphocytes versus pathogens game and I was able to geek out a little. If you don't know I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by day, so the Adventure Science Center is my ultimate playground! 

Lymphocytes and Pathogens
adventure science center

They had a Pixar costume contest. We didn't participate, but it was fun to see the costumes of everyone who did. They also had Pixar trivia, a cartooning class, and a "Sid's Backyard" toy building activity.  I was impressed with all they had to participate in and honestly it was well worth the the $35 ticket.

Sid's Backyard Toy Building
Adventure Science Center

We had a blast having drinks and getting to play like a kid for the evening! I know we will definitely be participating in this event again in the future!