A Day Out in Nashville: The Taco Festival

If you have been following my adventures recently, you may already know that I started a new series called "A Day Out in Nashville." When you see that at the beginning of a blog post title, you know it's going to be about some of the things I have been up to in my beloved city. You can check out my first post in this series here.

This past Saturday I went to Centennial Park with my husband, his parents, and my little furry baby. They were having an event that I had been looking forward to for awhile: The Taco Festival!

Check Here to see if the Taco Festival is coming to your city any time soon!

The Taco Festival

We had an awesome time just walking around and checking out all of the booths. They had a lot of different Tacos to try (obviously) and you can't forget the margaritas! We started out by trading cash for tokens. Tokens are what we used to buy our food and drinks. One token gets you one taco and three tokens gets you a delicious margarita. 

The main event we were attending for was the AY! Chihuahua Taco Dog Beauty Pageant. My pup, Lucy isn't a Chihuahua, but we checked and they allow all dogs to enter that are under 20 pounds and have a friendly personality. Lucy fit the bill!

Lucy in her Taco Tutu

Isn't her outfit adorable? My mom is a wizard with a sewing machine and she was able to whip up this taco tutu and bandana for my little fur baby. Unfortunately, she doesn't sell dog outfits, but if you like the fabric she does have an Amazon shop you can check out where she sells valances using this fabric, as well as many others!

Lucy ended up winning third place in the competition and she scored us two extra tokens!

We spent the rest of our time there enjoying the ice cream, the music, the Taco eating contest, and maybe a few more margaritas...

This event was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!

Walking the Taco Festival Stage

Much Love,