Fall 2017 Planner Setup

It’s the most beautiful time of year! Fall is in the air. I won’t spend time waxing poetic about it, though. You can see me do that in my Favorite Fall Products post from earlier this season.

Instead, I’m going to jump right in to today’s post. It’s all about my planner setup for Fall.

Filofax Ochre Malden

As much as I adore my Ochre Malden Filofax, I usually reserve it for the special time of year that is Fall. I’ve had it for a few years now, so the leather is getting beautifully, broken in. When the temperature started dropping, I was more than ready to pull this baby off the shelf!

You may recall, a few weeks ago, I was struggling with planner confusion. Since then I have been trying out a few different systems that I had on hand. For now, I have settled with using a personal ring-bound planner as my work horse and my bullet journal as a creative outlet. My main, weekly scheduling is currently being done in my Malden. 

Planner Dashboard
Planner Dividers

After deciding to go this route, I had a lot of fun decorating for Fall. My dashboard and dividers are from the Target bullseye playground. I just cut down their divider set to fit into a personal planner and then hole-punched them. The paper is sturdy enough that it didn’t need lamination. I recently purchased a Fall-themed paper pack at Joann’s, so I cut some cards out of that and laminated them. The one in the front with our family picture is my favorite!

Planner Clips

I love coordinating my clips with the season! These clips are so easy to put together. All you need is a little ribbon, a paper clip, and a dab of hot glue. They add a little more flair to my planner and they come in handy for marking important information that I need to flip to quickly.

Planner Inbox

I have started trying out the “Getting Things Done” method of using an inbox to gather information throughout the week. If you haven’t heard of this book you can check it out through the link below. I learned this technique from Brandy Michelle Plans on YouTube. 

Planner List

I had this notepad from Target, that I hadn’t used, so I pulled off a few sheets, hole-punched them, and used my MAMBI list stamp to add some check off boxes. I have been using these to jot down quick todo lists.

Planner Weekly Spread

I am currently using inserts from PeanutsPlannerCo on Etsy. I really like using printable inserts, because I can switch from one layout to another on a weekly basis, without feeling guilty about wasting printed pages. 

So that’s my current Fall setup. I plan on adding and changing a few things as I go, but I will be keeping the same basic system and I will be staying in my Malden through Thanksgiving (then it will be time for the winter/Christmas setup).

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Until next time!

Much Love,