"Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am a hair straightening addict..."

I know my main focus on this blog has been crafting, planning, and DIY. Hence the name "Kimberly Krafts". However, I have been wanting to start sharing some more of my interests with you lovely ladies! I know that I love to read and research about different beauty products before I buy them and being a curly girl I love to learn from other curly girls and how they deal with their bad hair days. While my main focus will continue to be planning and crafting, do not be surprised to see the occasional beauty related blog post. I hope you enjoy them!

Learning to love my hair

It has taken years for me to accept my hair the way it is. Growing up, I always wanted thin, straight blonde hair. Instead I was gifted with a thick, curly, and brunette mop. We always want what we can't have, right? Well, when I discovered flat irons and hair dye I realized that I could actually have what I wanted. So, in my late teens, I was determined to flatten out each and every frizzy wave and have sleek, blonde hair.

It didn't take long for me to realize how much time I was devoting to flattening out every strand of my unruly hair. I finally had the hair style I had wanted my whole life, and it looked great, but it just wasn't me. Also, I was wasting so much of my morning routine that could have been spent sleeping or better yet, accomplishing other things on my to do list.

Now I am a full on curly girl. I am not saying that I never flat iron my hair, because I still do occasionally, but my normal routine involves leave-in conditioner, mousse or cream, and a diffuser - Not a flat iron. 


How did I get to this point? Research and acceptance. First and foremost, I made the decision to start trying to improve the quality of my hair. I read blog after blog and scoured Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect routine for my hair type. There are so many websites devoted to this that it was easy to find a list of products and tips that would help me to achieve the tame curls that I wanted. 

This journey of hair acceptance hasn't always been easy. I still have frizz and I still find that I can do the same routine and end up with different results every single time. I definitely have more "bad hair days", but I've learned to love my hair on those days too. 

If you have frizzy, wavy, curly locks like mine - invest in a diffuser, sulfate-free shampoo, a deep conditioner, and the styling product of your choice (mousse, gel, or cream). Most importantly, just love the hair you were given and rock those waves, girl!