Creative Lettering and Beyond (Review)

This book was on my Amazon wish list for quite some time. I have wanted to improve my hand lettering skills, but did not actually end up purchasing it until I was in a Paper Source store and happened to see it on the shelf. Initially, I flipped through the pages and I was not sure if it would be helpful or not, but it turned out to be the motivation I needed to improve my lettering.

The instructions are very easy to follow and the examples are great. I have spent most of my time with this book just copying exactly what I see. However, recently I have started to branch out and take the skills this book has given me and tried to add my own personality and style to my lettering.

One really awesome thing this book does is instruct you on how to take your own handwriting and transfer it into a digital format so that you can edit it in Photoshop.

There are also thorough descriptions on different writing utensils. There are hand lettering instructions for chalk, marker, pencil, pen, and even paint. You can learn to make a temporary tattoo with your handwriting or create coffee mugs with cute sayings. There is ample space in the book for practice, but I do suggest having a sketching book nearby so that you can mess up and not feel bad about about having mistakes be forever in your book.

I have been extremely pleased with this purchase and will continue to use this book to increase my creative lettering skills!