Fujifilm Instax Printer (Review)

I have always been a big fan of the Polaroid cameras that printed their own photos. Digital cameras and smart phones started to take the place of that technology. However, it seems recently the quick print and develop technology is making a comeback. A few different brands have been releasing both the classic photo printing camera and the stand alone printers that can be used through bluetooth or WiFi on your smart phone. Since I am a fan of the quirky , photo booth style, vintage prints, I had to put the FujiFilm Instax Printer on my Amazon wish list. My husband was happy to help me out, by purchasing it for Christmas. I could not have been more excited to open that gift!


It has been very easy to learn how to use it. The printer came with its own set of double A batteries and my husband had also purchased two packages of ink cartridges for me to use. I followed the directions on the box, which said to download the instax SHARE app onto my iPhone. Within just a few minutes I was able to print my first photo.


Any photo editing should be done before you use the instax SHARE app to print. Also, before opening the app, you need to go connect to the printer's WiFi. Once you have connected to the WiFi, all you have to do is go to the app and select that photo that you would like to print. There is a very short waiting period while the app searches for the printer and then your photo will start to print. Just like with any photo printers, it takes 5-10 minutes for your photo to develop. When it finishes, you will have a cute little keepsake that you can display or use for scrapbooking purposes.