The Beginning.

Hello, all Filofaxers (Hey, it’s a word and you know it)! My name is Kimberly and this is the beginning of what I hope will be a beautiful friendship. If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog, then I am sure you are a fan of planning, crafting, filofaxing, or all of the above. This first post will be an introduction and will hopefully give you a good idea of what I will be posting about in the future. I hope it strikes your fancy!

I have been a planner nerd since I got my first Lisa Frank notebook (with colorful paper!) when I was in middle school. It was then that I started making lists and keeping up with my life…or as much of a life as a middle school kid can have anyway. Since that very first notebook, my planning tastes have changed throughout high school, college, and starting my real world, adult life. Before I even knew the word Filofax or had any thoughts about major life planning, I was already bedazzling my school-issued planners. I mean let’s face it…those things were just plain ugly. I covered them in stickers and used colorful pens to write in my high school, homework assignments.

Through college I used a combination of school planners that were spiral bound and binder-style planners that were purchased at Target or Wal-Mart. Most often they were a plain black or brown and used the standard issue inserts and dividers. Nothing too fancy…except for my stickers of course!

Then, I hit my mid-twenties. Real life was in full swing. I had my first car payment, I purchased my own home, started dating an amazing guy, and had a very hectic, full-time job. Not to mention, trying to keep up with friends and family through all of that. I desperately needed a better way to plan my time, so that I could fit everything in.

That is when I started browsing Pinterest fervently in search of a planning method that could meet my ever-changing needs. I had no idea I would find a HUGE community of awesome ladies that first introduced me to the term “Filofaxing”. My life as I knew it changed! So, a little over a year ago I purchased my first Filofax. A beautiful, personal size, patent leather original, in Fuscia! It was love at first sight!

So it began! I was on Etsy, Pinterest, and so many blogs, doing research and trying to find the most efficient and cutest (obvs!) way to organize my new planner. Since then I have branched out to other brands and styles, but Filofax still remains on the top of my list. I am now the owner of three Filofaxes and one Kikki-K. Also, dozens of different washi tapes, hundreds of stickers, a fine tip pen in every color imaginable, and sticky notes galore!

So, I guess you have figured out what this blog is going to be about…

I hope to be able to offer my own thoughts and ideas to the planning community. Maybe, I will be the one to introduce this fabulous hobby to a girl that is frantically searching the internet for ways to organize her life.

With Love,

Kimberly <3